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look at this worldwide boyfriend material! so handsome!

#StanMonstaX — Bts Memes 35/∞ © to the rightful...

Why are there so many bts memes with a hashtag to stan Monsta X? People complain all the time that ARMYs post on other people's stuff not relating to BTS, and yet Monsta X fans can do it and it's fine?

aww my princess

yeah Jin think about what you've done! No dancing brings pain and destruction.so think next time.BUT LOVE YOU OPPA

*whispers to myself* He is eomma.. Don't get crush... Namjin is real... Swipe to next picture... Don't look in the eyes.. DON'T----  *ends up getting bias wrecked*

*whispers to myself* He is eomma. Namjin is real. DON'T---- *ends up getting bias wrecked*

Why he is so fucking handsome!!!

Freals I just had an interview today and was asked this. I wish I had enough jams to answer like Jin

that doesn't make me feel any better

actually, you aren't supposed to play dead with sharks since they are scavengers and often eat dead animals anyways.

Husband and wife problems

Same, well, it more reminded me of myself. Which then reminded me to take out the garbage.