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As a Buddhist I believe heaven is here on earth. And the proof is Harry Styles

"how do I look" "like a modern art trash king" "friendly" "...all the love" xxx

"how do I look" "like a modern art trash king" "friendly" ".all the love" xxx

Harry Styles has a dog I thought he just has a cat name Dusty what's the dogs name HARRY

I'm sorry but look how cute the doggie is!>> There's a picture of Harry Styles shirtless and you were looking at the dog? The gorgeous boy is shirtless!

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My cousin is coming over tomorrow and I never get to see her and she us my only directioner friend, so I am soooo happy!


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Dapper as usual.

He's so handsome<<<< tbh am i the only one who finds it really weird to call them hot? Because i dont think they are hot i belive they are adorable. I live them to death but i feel wierd call them hot tbh , anyone else ?

Harry Styles

His smile is perfect. His hair is perfect. His eyes, his arms, his presence. I hate him.