Italian illustrator Alessandro Gottardo's beautiful, open and inviting illustrations have been featured in major newspapers and magazines including The New

22 Sweet and Surreal Illustrations by SHOUT

illustration by Ben Shahn (1957)

I recently checked out this great book about Lithuanian-born American artists Ben Shahn from the library . I just love his style, line wor.

A sociedade em que vivemos está cada vez pior, estas ilustrações mostram o quão ruim está - Bastante Interessante

bastardlybrendan: “ bonerfart: “ aber-flyingtiger: “ blazepress: “ If the Titanic sunk today. ” Because smartphones would resist the rigours of falling into the North Atlantic, apparently ” one of those people survive and sell their footage to media.

Paul Fuentes é um designer mexicano que transforma o uso de objetos cotidianos em arte totalmente pop, surreal e nonsense. Inspire-se com seus mashups!

Objetos cotidianos transformados em arte nonsense. O mundo pop surreal de Paul Fuentes

René Gruau † Humo | Design

Will you just look at the elegant work of this master of fashion illustration, René Gruau who seems to be the litmus test for every fashion illustrator ever since…