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A dive bomber Douglas SBD Dauntless rear gunner.Checking the ammunition belts of the coaxial machine guns. 1943 , U.

retrowar: “Skyraiders ”

retrowar: “Skyraiders ”

U.S. Long Range Bomber B-17E, "The Flying Fortress" #vintage #airplane #wwii

U.S. Long Range Bomber B-17E "The Flying Fortress"

long range bomber "The Flying Fortress". Historic poster showing major identifying features of the WWII long range bomber. Originally published by the U.

Authentic aluminum fragment from B-17G 'Parker's Madhouse' (serial number 43-37990) of the 384 BG / 547 BS paired in a beautiful wall-hanging display with original artwork of this specific B-17Gs in a

B-17 Relic Display 'Parker's Madhouse'

Isoroku Yamamoto Betty relic display by aviation artist Ron Cole for sale at Cole's Aircraft

XSF-1/FF-1 #plane #1930s

View topic - Grumman, the people that made the planes 12 SEPT 2010

B-10 Martin. 1934-1936. 1st post war modern bomber by US. Twin engine, mono-plane.  Designed to 'outrun' fighters. Power plant:  two Wright 9 cyl. Cyclone >>  200 mph.  Bombs: 2000 lbs, 3x .30 mg. Crew: 4.  Production #s: 105 +exports.

post war modern bomber by US. Power plant: two Wright 9 cyl. Bombs: 2000 lbs, mg.

World War II: Douglas SBD Dauntless

vintage World War II Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber in flight .

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Douglas Dauntless (Bu (Modex Built 1939 - Owned by Commemorative AF (Dixie Wing) Peachtree City, Georgia

The Douglas SBD Dauntless was America's main naval dive bomber at the start of the war, and it served successfully in that role until the end of the war, even managing to shoot down quite a few Japanese aircraft along the way.   Its finest hour was during the battle of Midway, when Dauntlesses sank a cruiser and the four Japanese aircraft carriers used during the attack.

By: Norm Goyer Thanks to Wikipedia for the quotes, history and specifications of the mighty Dauntless. NG There is no doubt, the Douglas SBD Dauntless was the best dive bomber used by any nation in World War II.

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Tailgunner - I had two friends who Dad's were in in WWII. One was a pilot, and one was a Tailgunner. Neither one off them talked about it much but both had flown at least twenty-five missions and survived.