The anniversary of the Golden Gate bridge, San Fransisco, California-in May They closed traffic and let people walk over it. There were so many people on the bridge that the middle span of the bridge flattened out.

a foggy Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California by Willie Huang

A foggy Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. one of the visit place to add to your bucket list.

A Golden Gate Bridge  é o principal cartão postal da cidade de São Francisco, uma das mais conhecidas construções dos Estados Unidos, e é considerada uma das Sete maravilhas do Mundo Moderno pela Sociedade Americana de Engenheiros Civis.

7 Wonders of the World - Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, US. Yes, it really is this beautiful. I live here and it still amazes every time I drive on it. A beautiful bridge in a beautiful city.

San Francisco California | In search of true love ...: San Francisco- California

The Golden Gate Bridge opened 75 years ago on Sunday. Building the Golden Gate was a larger than life engineering project undertaken agains.

San Fran

✔ - This is one of my favorite views! - Golden Gate Bridge view from the Marin Headlands, San Francisco, California

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Lofrans Manual Windlass

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco -- California fishing town, pops of colour against the sea

Golden Gate Bridge,San Francisco, CA

7 Wonders of the World - Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Union Square San Francisco  St Francis and Hilton Hotels From a different perspective

Union Square San Francisco - the building in the background is the Westin st Francis hotel where we stayed during the 1985 trip