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I got Eren!

Reiner aka The Armored Titan. Sadly I'm happy with that lol I still love Reiner ever though he's the Armored Titan.

This is so me!

Ah, how much i've learned from the people who never existed. Thats not true. They do exist, in every otaku's heart.

imgur: the simple image sharer

23 more Tumblr posts to make you smile (or at least grimace, I'm not picky)

U go levi XD haha this is from the lion king(Erwin's face in the first pic is like...omg do it)

Lion King and Attack on Titan Crossover < This is amazing XD

Attack on Titan 2: Junior High

TEACH US, ERWIN! What do you get when you combine a bunch of unstable teenagers, a school full of mysteries, and giant monsters? Attack on Titan: Junior High, one of the weirdest manga parodies you'll

DANG! My stomach hurts from laughing too much

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