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He looks like such a bb

He is looking at both of your photo cards ♥️ of both of u together

ezgif-1-07e2a18e84.gif (280×388)

Jungkook /// BTS /// bare face and still a flawless beaut (♡●♡) xx

I think Joonbunny looks cuter than bunnychimchim o _o I love Jimin too but srsly Namjoon !

Even the way he is just there ❤️❤️haaa kills me

Reakcje BTS ≧﹏≦

He even makes getting water look hot. That's probably why he's getting water.cuz he's so freaking hot.

Boquinha mais vermelha que você conhece

thank you! 고마워요😚 thank you! Thank you😚 Trans cr;