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KINGS of BAKTRIA, GRECO-BAKTRIAN KINGS. DEMETRIOS I. Circa 200-185 BC. AE Triple Unit (30mm, 12.54 g, 12h). Head of elephant right, wearing bell around neck / Kerykeion; monogram to inner left. Bopearachchi Serie 5E; SNG ANS 209-211. EF, dark brown patina, slight double striking, very minor smoothing.

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Depicts Iris with a caduceus; from an ancient Greek clay vase. London. Sotheby's. Photo. Sotheby's London F15923. © Sotheby's     A divine wand, in Greek 'kerykeion', especially carried by heralds, Hermes, Iris and others. Originally a forked stick, the terminals become stylized into loops, and then snakes.

As the sun unites Earth and Heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity.

Ancient Greece: Chlamys around his body and a petasos hanging off the back of his neck which is a hat

The Many Roles of Hermes: Thief, Inventor, and Messenger: Hermes - Not Always a Messenger God

5th C. BCE. Upper part of a bronze caduceus,    snakes twined around a staff. Literally a 'herald.' Carried by Hermes, messenger of the Gods. Also, Hermes' Staff. Greece. Bronze,  5 x 4 1/8 x 3/4 in. Dallas Museum of Art

Upper part of caduceus (Hermes' staff) Greece, early century B. Bronze Okay, yes this is not italic but the Cadduceus symbol was used in a number of cultures. I base a Phoenician priestess's staff on this in my novel.

Black-figure Amphora, Poseidon's chariot, Hermes standing on the right, Potnia Theron on the neck. [Hermes, leader of the sun in red winged shoes and red had, caduceus. Who might be in the chariot with a black and white horse?]

“*-* *-* Black-Figure Amphora Poseidon's Chariot Hermes standing on the right Potnia Theron on the neck

PHENEOS in ARKADIA 350BC Demeter Caduceus Ancient Greek Greek Coin i56236

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Copa con Eos portando el cadáver de su hijo Memnón, h 490-480 aC, Louvre

The Memnon pieta, Eos lifts up the body of her son Memnon. Interior from an Attic red-figure cup, ca. From Capua, Italy. Signed by Douris (painter) and Kalliades.