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Frame colors

Great idea for telling your family story in a photo gallery wall collection going up the stairs. Possible for hallway

This would make a cool gift to my mom for the stairs area in the house.

5 buenas ideas para mostrar las fotografías familiares en casa.

a Contratiempo

corner gallery wall - without the specially made corner frames. Would need to be on a corner that is in an open area; this would be really overbearing in a tight hallway. But in the right space it could look amazing. Very art gallery.

How To Make A Stunning Wall Gallery This hallway gallery decoration is really awesome. I love how they used masking tape to plan out the layout and even included outlines for the switches and thermostat.

when I get a wall big enough...this is what it's gonna look like... full of family pictures

Have a blank wall where there's no room to place accent furniture on the floor in front of it? Carry the picture frame montage down to the floor - it looks amazing!

A map from a vacation   your favorite picture from the trip.

Map Picture Frames DIY Map Mat: using a craft knife, trim maps to cover photo mats from your favorite frames. When finished, lay the map on top of the mat (you don't even have to tape it), and cover with the glass. We used a West Elm white gallery frame.

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picture frame arrangements wall ideas - Bing Images ------- This would look nice with some of John's photography!