Fifi Brindacier vue par Hayao Miyazaki

Art has been released from legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki's proposed Pippi Longstocking film, which was never completed.

Ronja concept art

ghibli-collector: “ Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (Ronia the Robber’s Daughter) - Character sketches The new TV series directed by Goro Miyazaki is a collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Polygon Pictures.



近藤喜文 Yoshifumi Kondō

Generación GHIBLI: 'Futo furikaeru to', el arte de Yoshifumi Kondô (II)

Anim'Archive : Photo Packed with appeal, interesting color, can't imagine in black and white. Observant, full of character

Animage - Studio Ghibli’s animator Yoshifumi Kondō drawings depicting people’s everyday life in Japan for his artbook ‘Futofuri Kaeru To’.