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Pike formation - John Hawkwood, famous mercenari English who fought against the French in loa of the hundred years war, formed a company of mercenaries as mercenaries of the white companies or companies free of France, was in the service of Pope Gregorio XI in the final pacification of Italy fese, already that the death of Cardinal Gil de Albornoz Italian Lords rebelled again.

Pike formation - John Hawkwood was a famous Englishman who fought against the French during the Hundred Years War, formed a company of mercenaries called the White Company who fought successfully for popes and Italian states.

Saint Sébastien / Archer détail Mantegna Andrea Louvre

Detail of Mantegnas St. Sebastian originally part of the Altar of San Zeno in Verona, today in Louvre. Amazingly accurate details of arrow fletching (without whipping), cresting and bulbous nocks. Not to mention the bark-covered composite bow.

Andrea Mantegna - Decorazione della Camera degli Sposi  1465 - 1474 -Affresco nel Palazzo Ducale di Mantova.

Decoration of the Camera degli Sposi (Camera Picta), 1465 - 1474 (fresco and dry tempera)