Omg... the feels!

That will be a sad day. But my children will cry with me. Joanne K. Rowling was my childhood, and I will cry- literally cry- on the day that she dies, because I think a piece of my heart will die too.<<I'm literally crying rn

How decisions are made in Harry Potter.  Okay that was pretty funny! Still absolutely love Harry Potter though :)

How decisions are made in HP

Who Would You Be In The World Of "Harry Potter"

Who Would You Be In The World Of "Harry Potter"?

I'm Thalia Grandward of Ravenclaw. My wand is rosewood with a veela hair core. I brought a black cat to Hogwarts for my pet and my favorite memory is finding the Room of Requirement. Love it :D

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I didn't know how much I needed that until now.<<<I knew since I read the seventh book<<<well we got cursed child and more fantastic beasts on the way but this unfortunately doesn't seem to be happening

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Harry Potter fact Ron's Patronus is a Jack Russell Terrier, which are known for chasing otters. Hermione's Patronous happens to be an otter. i already knew this