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Wow, how gorgeous, an albino camel with its cousin. "How's things in the tourist business buddy?

Various type of camels. F1 is the hybrid between dromedary and Bactrian camel

Wild Bactrian Camel can be the least understood mammal associated with humans!

Camels | And more camels.

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Picture of Robyn Davidson in 1977 after walking across Australia with her camels and her dog.

Picture of Robyn Davidson - After walking almost miles across the heart of the Australian Outback, Davidson and her camels arrived at the Indian Ocean. Never having seen a body of water larger than a puddle before, her camels were mesmerized.

A close up of the face of a camel in the Saraha desert.Morocco

Camel, close up and personal! A close up of the face of a camel in the Saraha desert.