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Amazing fragrance for men.

BLEU DE CHANEL Eau De Toilette Spray

Chanel Bleu De Chanel Paris Eau De Toilette Spray for Men - 50 ml

Dossier-de-Presse eau extreme channel allure

Nouveauté parfum homme : CHANEL Allure Eau Extrême eau de toilette 2012

Hands down my favorite cologne. It could be the only cologne I'd ever own. My signature scent.

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The aroma of strength, power, vision and success. This Creed 'Aventus' Fragrance is adored by many. Amazing cologne for men

Fierce Cologne I know it's men's cologne but I had to pin it  This is one of my favorite colognes for my husband! It smells so good!

Mens Fierce Cologne by Abercrombie. The BEST smelling men's cologne EVER! My hubby always smells amazing :)

Mens Fragrance is a perfect gift for dad or the man in your life. Chanel - Bleu De Chanel - The woody, aromatic fragrance for men, now in a bold, sensual new Eau de Parfum. Gifts for him.

Mens Fragrance - Bleu De Chanel - The woody, aromatic fragrance for men, now in a bold, sensual new Eau de Parfum. Very commonly worn by many

The Endorsement: 10 Warm-Weather Colognes-Aventus ($330) by Creed,

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I'm in love... Cant stop thinking about this smell for me!! OUD WOOD: Rare. Exotic. Distinctive.

Oud Wood

Women love the smell Tom Ford OUD WOOD. They cant get enough of the Exotic…

Mercedes-Benz : et maintenant le parfum de luxe !

Mercedes-Benz : et maintenant le parfum de luxe !

Mercedes-Benz for Men Le Parfum {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne} {Perfume Images & Ads}

I am a man not afraid of change, especially with colognes, but some are leaps and bounds above others. Chanel Egoiste is one of those wonderful timeless scents. You will find this on my body, along with a handful of others.


Versace pour Homme by Versace

Versace Pour Homme Cologne By Versace, Oz Eau De Toilette Spray For Men

BVLGARI MAN Eau de Toilette

Just go smell this. The clean sexy soft scent from Bvlgari will ugh 'hem move you.