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All Riled Up: Now I'm using my blog to pin

except for when you get the ugh looks like our servers are busy screen!

Here’s some great tips to help the Pinterest newbies and even some tricks that experienced users might want to try. #Pinterest #socialmedia

Has some great other tips that I didn't think of. always looking for new ideas.

Pinterest Warning! So far resulted in a ton of amazing DIY projects, rearranging furniture and fashion sketches!

hahaha yeah when i found this my life has plummeted into a bucket of wasted time ahahhaa but it hasnt caused insomnia yet!

How to find lost links on Pinterest GREAT site- this post has several ways to find orig link, with detail photos and descript of each step

How to find original links on Pinterest

Do you ever click a really awesome pin and it leads to some spammer site or nothing at all? Well, here's how to find lost links on

My pinning buddies. Jillanne, Julianna, Jessica, Caitlin, and Meredith xxoo