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Muito legal!!!! Me lembrou o tempo que eu fazia essa montagens... Bons tempos!

AMAZING LEGO Bikes with wolverine, deadpool,ghost rider . ( 😱 i need the deadpool one)

I love this LEGO build.

Confession time: I am a very picky man when it comes to appreciating spaceship design. I am also glad I have one of the few forums on Earth where I can say that and not be given a wide berth.

All sizes | Quadrazapmatic Interceptor | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Built for STG Creations For Charity one of a series by several LEGO builders inspired by this original starfighter by the incomparable nnenn. Alternative Pew Firing Patterns: pew/pew/pew/pew ppeeww/ppeeww ppppeeeewwww Any more suggestions?

Heavy Gunship - Merkabah - pic3 by Brick Martil

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Maston Artin Vigor 53-7

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Griggs Industries GARC Racer "High & Mighty" -  standard shot

This is the Griggs Industries GARC Racer "High & Mighty," a Lego Spaceship. A creation of Genghis Don.

LEGO SSV Normandy SR2, Mass Effect

SSV Normandy :: Mass Effect. Cerberus built SSV Normandy Heavy stealth reconnaisance frigate, which is the chief means of interstellar transport for the protagonist in Mass E.