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Sweet Scent & Sun and moon #pokemon #anime #fantasy... http://xn--80aapkabjcvfd4a0a.xn--p1acf/2017/01/14/sweet-scent-sun-and-moon-pokemon-anime-fantasy/

Laughing anime girl swings in a cherry blossom tree surrounded by her winged friends. Anime girl swinging in pink blossoms;


Thousand stars up in the sky, one shines brighter I can't deny. One shines bright, brighter then any other in the twilight~

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草野シンタ on

Entrenadora Pokémon con Rowlet / Pokemon trainer with Rowlet

Hiền lành, công bằngIQ: 189/200Sở thích trồng cây hoa, yêu trẻ emĐiểm yếu: cũng sợ ma giống hai chị kia, sợ sấm và hay giật mình

(12 chòm sao)Nhà nuôi 6 con điên - GTNV NỮ

Anything attatched to the side of the veil: ribbons, bells, etc.

I wish to take you to the moon, to land my love flows from! I am a creature of the seas the moon guides me! - AnimeChix

This girl watches the water rise as the moon pulls it closer. She is one with both the moon and the water.