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Queen Elizabeth II Crown Jewells

The Imperial State Crown, commissioned for the Coronation of King George VI on 12 May from the Crown Jewellers, Garrard & Co.

ORLOV DIAMOND~one of the biggest and most famous Imperial jewels known since 1784.The diamond could probably be the part of Great Mogul Diamond. In 1773 Grigoriy Orlov presented the jewel to Catherine II of Russia in her birthday, in a simple flowers bouquet trying to return her love; the present became outstanding within a few days as none of European monarchs has got the equal jewel in the collection. The diamond became a part of Russian Imperial scepter ca 1775.

The Orlov Diamond (Catherine the Great’s crown jewel) The Armory at the Moscow Kremlin is home to Catherine the Great’s imperial scepter, which is set with a huge, green-tinted diamond, with 180 facets and a weight of carats.

The Crown of Charlemagne made for Napoleon I was made by Nitot in 1804 and the cameos, set in gold, were intended to give an antique appearance.    The reliquary known as the Crown of St. Louis, because of the saintly king who gave it to the Dominicans, was acquired by the Louvre shortly after World War II.

Official and Historic Crowns of the World and their Locations Crown of Napoleon 1804

Lionheart: HRH Prince William - Future King of England

St Edward’s Crown 1661 Britain/London/Tower of London (Permanent Display 1 diadem, 4 empty frames)

Gold Portuguese crown of about 1760, with diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

THE IMPERIAL CROWN OF GREYHAWK. Made of silver and steel, not gold. Set with large magic gems: ten diamonds, twenty rubies, thirty fire opals, and forty opals. (Gold Portuguese crown from about

The Imperial Crown of India

Official and Historic Crowns of the World and their Locations: Introduction and London 1

Mohammad Reza Shah's Crown adorned in precious jewels.(Former King of Iran.)

Mohammad Reza Shah,Pahlavi,Shah,Crown Iranian Historical Photographs Gallery:Mohammad Reza Shah's Crown adorned in precious jewels

corona imperial de Rusia: Esta corona fue creado en 1856 por rusos Corte joyeros y está hecho de plata y diamantes para la esposa de Alejandro II, Maria Alexandrovna,

This crown was created in 1856 by Russian Court Jewelers & made from silver & diamonds for Alexander II's wife, Maria Alexandrovna, who later presented it to her beloved daughter-in-law Dagmar-Minnie-Marie Feodorovna.

Orb of Queen Mary II, England (1689; gold, silver, pearls, rock crystal, paste gemstones). Royal Collection © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

1689 Queen Mary II of Britain. Mounted with Cross: rock crystals; bordered by single rows of pearls, silver collets. In blue matching case by Robert Viner the Younger.

Phoenix crown worn by the Ming Dynasty Empress Xiaoduan. She was the wife of Emperor Wanli who reigned from 1573 to 1620. The enameled crown is decorated with pearls and turquoise. There is another view on the next page.

Enamel, Pearls & Turquoise Phoenix Crown of Ming Dynasty Empress Xiaoduan, wife of Emperor Wanli

The crown of Charlemagne, crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor in 800.

ufansius: “The crown of Charlemagne, crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor in he’s shown wearing it in this 1512 portrait by Albrecht Durer.