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Icones of Japanese algae Vol. 121 Tichocarpus crinitus (Gmelin) Ruprecht Everything in nature replicate itself, this algae is reminiscent of viens blood and pathways of the body.

Just a little hot chocolate and stew to keep the Rhino warm. Kerstkaart_Liekeland_2013

Liekeland is founded by Lieke van der Vorst a Dutch illustrator. Her studio is based in Helmond. Lieke lives Dave and her cat Lino. Lieke use environmentally friendly

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Want to try my own "mirror image" art with watercolors or acrylics (this one's by artist Jon Klassen).

Forest ~ Jean Jullien  #art #illustration

Forest ~ Jean Jullien Maybe use solid colors and draw lines on them for the background, instead of setting things apart from the solid colors?