"Every Revolution Begins With A Spark" -Hunger Games: Catching Fire. could not be more excited

A world. its ALL programed.....

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire Mockingjay - Every break, burn, toss, turn, sin; everything we've learned - It's all programmed.


I love how the first four are all horrible monster muttations and then there's just Peeta. Because they've turned Peeta into a muttation that has just as much as not more of a horrible effect on Katniss as the others do. It just makes me so sad.

I'm laughing so hard hahahahaha

I really hope he plays Finnick in Mockingjay! He did the part so well. Sam Claflin is now the face of Finnick Odair.

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The one character I knew was going to di but wished didn't. Finnick Odair we…

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Again, the Hunger Games and Divergent. I'm not sure about the Divergent pictures (because I know nothing about Divergent), but I know the Hunger Games pictures go really well with those lyrics.

pretty much!!

I'm a Harry Potter fan and I ALWAYS wanted to go to Hogwarts. I'm a Percy Jackson fan and I always wanted to go to the Camp Half-Blood. I'm a Hunger Games fan and I . I'm fine.