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A Crossdresser in 20s Berlin

Androgynous cross dresser from Voluptuous Panic

Smiling Victorians

The Real Reasons Lesbians Date Straight Women

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Crossdressers at the 1921 International Congress for Sex Reform on the Basis of Sexology, Berlin.

Transvestites outside the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin.

Karyl Norman

Female impersonator Karyl Norman – The and were the heyday of male and female impersonators. Karyl Norman, younger than Julian Eltinge and other men who …

anita berber | Tumblr

Anita Berber by Otto Dix, Berlin, Life is a cabaret, old chum, Come to the Love Thing movie cabaret.

Photo d'actualité : A group of patrons, many dressed as men in...

"Le Monocle" - Special lesbians cabaret in Montmartre. Paris, Photo by Albert Harlingue.

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Germany, drag queen, transvestite, Eldorado club, Berlin -- Inspiration: League of Indistinguishable Ladies In Top Hats (L.) a sort of burlesque type group featured in my book. that are known for their top hats.