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Yato Neko // Noragami

Yato kitten I could see all three of them in a cardboard box, Yato continuously having to be the mommy cat towards Yuki, Hiyori playing with her scarf

Lol, NOTE though, how Kazuma doesn't say anything in response, which means he HAS got a lot of stress taking care of Bishamon | Kazuma and Yato | Noragami

You: *blushes and looks away* Me: *watches and observes the episode intently* You: What are you, a pervert? Me: *smirks* No, I'm just observant, that's all.


Noragami ~~ Is Yukine angry that Yato tried to steal his thunder or is he angry Yato kissed her instead of him. Ah, I love open ended comics like this. Yatori for life tho

Noragami, Yato & Capypers XD

Awwww xoxo how the hell cant u notice my dear cute,sexy yato there? But its sooooo cute

Noragami Noragami Aragoto

Noragami: Police AU by Dessa-nya on DeviantArt

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh adorableeee

Noragami - Lolll Yukine is like," get ur sweaty hands off me "<<HAHAHHA Poor Yukine XP

Noragami. on Instagram: “owo ー #yukine #noragami #anime #manga #animeboy #mangaboy #fanart #newanime... http://xn--80akibjkfl0bs.xn--p1acf/2017/01/15/noragami-on-instagram-owo%e3%83%bcyukine-noragami-anime-manga-animeboy-mangaboy-fanart-newanime-kawaii-otaku-adorable-cute/

Yukine-kun<<<< he's sooo cute. I wanna hug him!

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