Simplified version with jars-stickers as diy party activity?//Dragon's Fire - Join me at Artfully Musing in September 2012 for the Pretty Potions and Poisons Apothecary Event

Every good witch or wizard needs a fine set of apothecary labels for some playful Halloween decorations. Here is a set that will keep your potion making ingredients in order. #freeprintable

Printable Apothecary labels for Halloween

Halloween is almost here and to decorate your home for friends and foe, a set of spooky Apothecary labels is a must. You will be ready to mix your witchy wizard recipes with all of your ingredients la

Halloween Vintage Photos Witch Banner OOAK | eBay

Halloween vintage photos Witch banner! OOAK

3 by 4 inch frames - painted black - copied witch photos online - hot glue them on - use rope to put them together and hang:

Ojo loco

I have a question about the Runes. I bought three bags of the stones from Dollar Tree and pulled out enough for three different sizes of these to pain