The last house standing in Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay reportedly collapsed in 2010, but the waters could be haunted by the ghosts of fishermen.

12 Creepy Abandoned Places You'll Probably Find Ghosts Living In

Building on Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. This house fell into the bay in 2010

victorian house . eureka . california - Not too far from me.  This can be my second home.

The Carson Mansion, Victorian house in Eureka, California. Eureka = town full of old Victorian houses.

La Havane  Plus de découvertes sur

Abandoned in Havana, Cuba - trapped in time. Ice cream colored decaying buildings and cars from the P. There's not Cuba, it's a Balat in Istanbul/Turkey ❤️

Abandoned hotel on Melrose in Los Angeles, CA. Ghosts already here!

Urban ruins: 35 hauntingly beautiful photos of abandoned and forgotten hotels

The Melrose Hotel on Bunker Hill, It was demolished in From a remarkable series of color photographs of Bunker Hill taken by the actor George Mann before & claimed the many century structures that made up the heart of old downtown Los Angeles.

now here's a great tree house, they say even includes bathroom!!

Treehouse by Steven Rondel Redmond, Washington, USA A little bit art nouveau, steampunk, and Howl’s Moving Castle

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1265 Washington Boulevard Detroit, MI 48226 abandoned Book Tower and Book Building, historic district of Detroit, Michigan - built in the Academic Classicism style in 1916

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

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Abandoned House Photography by Kevin Bauman

Documented by photographer Kevin Bauman as part of his excellent 100 Abandoned Houses project, the neighbourhood of Midtown Detroit known as Brush Park.

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What I would have given to live and work repairing a home like this one. Instead lived in house with no bathroom. A beautiful victorian house In Québec, sadly it’s left to rot in place

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Gothic Mansion

Berkyn Manor aka Furhouse Manor in Horton UK. Some interior pins of this home are on my board, too (RM)

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Round Windows

The design of this window is really beautiful. "Art Deco Moon Window on the Russian Riviera in the abandoned Seagull hotel"

THE CHARLES M. SUBLETT HOUSE..1874 Virginia, Thanks to                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

LOOK - DANVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE! Haunted House on Millionaire's Row, Danville, Virginia - In Charles M. Sublett built this dream house for his bride Jennie. High Victorian Gothic style, it is historically significant, but nevertheless in ruins.