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Meeeeeeee ugh why is this so close to being me.. Like fr I feel like I have four voices in my head the thinking, feeling and then their evil twins anxiety and depression...

) I think this is one of the most frustrating things about being an INFJ. Gotta love being a walking contradiction.

INFJs can sense your true intentions.

INFJs can sense your true intentions. I always knew, the relationship always felt off, but due to his mind games, aggressive outbursts, manipulations & repeated promises to stop repeating issues I up gave him chance after chance.

love my circle - there is nothing like intelligent, meaningful conversations with smart creative people whose opinions and thoughts are backed with facts

,I really do appreciate people who stimulate my creativity and make me think on a deeper level. (BECAUSE I LOVEEEEE these people, i am one of these people.deep thinkers are the best people in my book, they can help you learn and understand things-ki)

I've never given the INFJ door slam, but I can relate to much of this.

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entertainingly, I have taken the personality types test twice and got ENTP and ENTJ. I have also take the alignment test twice and I got Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil.