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Was i the only one who loved this kid from the begining? Like come on, he crushed a girls eyeball out of boredom! he was fucking hardcore and slutty and amazing

Black butler

Read Hey, Ciel, It's Me, Sebastian from the story Funny Black Butler Memes by FullmetalSurveycorp (Ganny is mah daddy) with 361 reads. I laughed.

Black Butler- Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive

*nosebleeds* Heh yes my lord~ Sebastian A-Are you having a NOSEBLEED? ~Ciel *dies of nosebleed* ~Sebastian

I love this quote

Black Butler: Book of Circus ~~ The climax of the first episode simply MUST include the sigil and the covenant!

I am laughing so hard right now xD

When I first watching this episode I thought something terrible was happening to Ceil, but then it showed that it was just a memory of Sebastian getting him ready for the ball. Hahaha <--I thought ciel was having sex lol

madelezabeth | Ciel has something to say. by madelezabeth

Ciel, Sebastian & Claude - Kuroshitsuji (Ciel has something to say by madelezabeth)