Allison A 10" Porcelain Doll Made From A Mold BY Dianna Effner | eBay

Allison A 10 Porcelain Doll Made From a Mold By Dianna Effner

This is KDee a 13 vinyl #1 Little Darling sculpt by Dianna Effner. Hand painted by Joyce Mathews/Kuwahi dolls. She has a lovely little hand knit

Dianna Effner Little Darling #1 from Kuwahi Dolls K'Dee


❤️A Dianna Effner Little Darling ~ sculpt No 1 painted by Joyce Mathews, Kuwahi Dolls.

Zoe - Photos - Our Little Darlings painted by Dianna

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Magnifique Poupée Kish, Effner, Maciak, what a cute little face

Poupée Boneka thursday child Dianna Effner This one reminds me of Missy when she was little.

dollstowishfor: Kaye Wiggs Doll - “Sunkissed Human Layla” January 06 ~ February 15 Layla is cast in sunkissed skin resin and comes wit.

Моя любимая Хоуп с кролом Фортуна и малышкой Сури / Куклы Кайе Виггз, Kaye Wiggs…

My favorite Hope with Krol Fortuna and baby Suri / Dolls Viggs Kaye, Kaye Wiggs dolls / Beybiki.