How to Make a Quiet Book: Page 22 & 23: Counting 1-10

*Sorry- for the hiatus in posting- I had a new baby and moved across the country!* This is a page I copied from my mom& original quiet boo.

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows: Quiet Book templates

also use for baking bowl Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows: The Ladybug and the Flowers - Quiet Book pages 8 & 9

Libro tranquila aprende a trenzar página por itsthesmallthings

Felt toy SALE Learn to braid Quiet book page -educational game - busy bags- activity book - childrens activity - busy book - kids game - lea

lots of ideas for felt boards and quiet books to develop fine motor skills.

This multi-page Activity Book will enhance your child's fine and gross motor skills and teach them everyday skills they need to learn as they grow.

Quiet Book/Children's Quiet Book/ Busy Book por WeriBeauties

Quiet Book/Children& Quiet Book/ Busy Book, Activity, Montessori, Fabric Book Quiet Book/Children's Quiet Book/ Busy Book por WeriBeauties Need fantastic suggestions regarding arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing info!

Arma tu nombre

My name quiet book page. Child moves the puzzle pieces on left, matching colors, to create his/her name. Love the photo idea too