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Kachoufuugetsu = the beauties of nature Flower, bird, wind and moon. (fiore, uccello, vento e luna) Japanese aesthetics.

Japanese calligraphy : KAZE 『風』-wind- (henry: the stroke (the very end bit, is a nice element)

Flower Chinese ink on paper The beauty of calligraphy lies in the actions derived from continuous movement of a brush. The more the variances in speed and depth, the richer the resulting expression will be.

Inner Beauty - Original Chinese Calligraphy - For the Goodness of the World - Wall Art - Zen Art

Japanese Calligraphy - Sora/kara = Empty :

There are a number of types of calligraphy. Calligraphy provides you with an awareness of purpose and a way of making money. Overall, calligraphy is a.