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Jan Baptist van Helmont Water Culture Hydroponics

Robert Hooke - Scientist Who Discovered The Cell (no authentic picture of hooke is known, but alot of references to his looks were noted by his colleuges.

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Not much of a math/ physics person but this is cool. Words of Wisdom found in Math Formulas

05-24-2017   The University of Illinois canceled a scheduled talk by Nobel Laureate James Watson after professors complained about his allegedly controversial views on race.

‘Racist’ co-discoverer of DNA forced to sell Nobel prize to make ends meet

Krebs cycle                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Organisms derive the majority of their energy from the Kreb's Cycle, also known as the TCA cycle. The Kreb's Cycle is an aerobic process consisting of eight definite steps. In order to enter the Kreb'…

William Rae Young: Este personaje se encargo de innovar en la organización de torres de control para así crear los "handoffs" de una torre a otra lo cual fue importante para la compañia en la que trabajaba AT&T.  1947

Smithsonian researchers have recovered a recording of telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell's voice by using optical technology.

psicologia del colore nel web design

Psicologia del colore in un Infografica: guida per Web Designer