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American F-4 Phantom intercepting a Soviet Tu-95 "Bear" bomber over the Pacific in 1979

"Phantom II" (BuNo from Fighter Squadron "Free Lancers" intercepting a Soviet Tupolev "Bear". was assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger for a deployment to the Western Pacific from 21 February to 22 September

Wings in the sky

Outstanding photo by Darren Hillman, 'Phoenix Phantom', of an RAF McDonnell-Douglas



F-4 Phantom

Detailed image of the McDonnell Douglas Phantom II Multirole / Carrierbased Fighter / Strike Fighter Aircraft aircraft cockpit

F-86 Sabre

One of the most elegant planes ever designed! Sabre built by North American as our first swept wing fighter in It ruled the skies during Korea and was used by Bolivia until A very versatile fighter-bomber.