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Elfgreen by GruviaPon.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Some Jerza doodle during spare time at work Elfgreen: Gruvia: Nalu: Erza / Jellal belongs to Hiro Mashima / Fairy Tail.

So as long as I live I'll love youWill have and hold youYou look so beautiful in white... ♡   ♡ Bixanna Week ♔ - Day 6 - 7: Family/Future ♡    I told myself to skip day 6 because of reasons, but I’ve had this idea for a long time so… guess it’s better to merge these two prompts and make a happy ending for this week <3 Click for full view.

[Bixanna week] - Day Family-Future by blanania<<< I love how Elfman and Evergreen have a baby!