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here's good old classic gaster!and for those who keep asking: counter means flirtatious 

Something about sans just really makes me happy. Like I want to be like him. Just a badass that cracks great jokes and is there for everyone. But Has a heart like everyone else.

Sans its okay, there are literally thousands of people who want to be your friend and help u. And have a "fun" time with u

silly swap...you should know better!! PS...sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes lost? start here---->bunnymuse.deviantart.com/art/J… next: bunnymuse.deviantart.com/art/S…

I should have made this into two parts.oh well! TBC PS sorry for misspellings and the mess up on the panel! I think I like this style for my GG comics<<< too awesome to not pin. NewTales and SwapTale Gaster is awesome

Hey! So I now have 1150 followers now… Holy shit! I gained 900 some followers over the course of 5 weeks!As a celebration, I am drawing this short comic with Dadster and the Skelefam bec...

So dis guy ovah hea >> got me into undertale lately and I wanted to make a comic. Sans is my favorite, just like everyone else. Thought I could be a little humorous and creative w.