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I JUST CRIED, LITERALLY CRIED TEARS OVER THE HILARITY OF THIS ONE POST.   Seriously had to manually add it to pinterest because it might be the funniest thing I've ever read.

Protect the daughter!

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious for all Thor/Chris Hemsworth fans can understand . :D If he be worthy, he shall possess the blessing of Thor. hahahaha I really hope this happens. This would be the greatest thing ever.not for his daughter.

Tom Hiddleston being universal

I was a little creeped- until I realized that the last on is Mister Hiddelstone twice. That cancelled out all the creepy. (smosh interview with Tom Hiddleston)

Loki Feels

“ In truth, I am neither Asgardian nor son of Jotunheim. I’m Loki only and I’m alone.

Oooooh Lokiiiiiiii

I'm pretty sure he made this face during the fight I don't remember when but it was sketch for Thor and then it showed Loki looking like that and I was like "aw you do care"

I hope we never hear Loki say that he deserved all the abuse done to him although, he did deserve consequences for murdering folks as anyone would even though he was under Thanos’ influence. Loki does NOT deserve abuse. It would be like an abused woman who gets battered by her abusive husband that confesses, "It's my fault..I MADE him beat me..I deserved it!" It's always the furthest from the truth, but here's the kicker...it comes from a place of trauma and self-hate. Loki’s there.

Loki - God of mischief and fabulous hair<<<<<<and just plain beauty

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) - would also make a gorgeous Seethlaw (dwenda) from The Steel Remains. #TheSteelRemainsBookcasting

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) - would also make a gorgeous Seethlaw (dwenda) from The Steel Remains.

RDJ is awesome. The fact he googles himself and posts these/tumblr/who knows....I love it. (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post893365&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)

Is Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark, or is Tony Stark playing Robert Downey Jr.