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Our love of Pierce the Veil and our demand of wanting more of it. We love Pierce the Veil!

His kingdom became mine to rule. His heart, the source of power, and the hand made an excellent topper for my staff

I turned him down and now the entire kingdom is out for my head, the true king for my 'crime' and the false for my hand in marriage. Now my life is in the hands of the boy who loved me, bringing me to the king that would kill me for being kidnapped

Julian said this in almost a hush as he looked at the young girl, she gazed at him stunned "Julian, is that why I hear papa screaming and crying in the night for the demons to let him go?" she asked as Julian smirked slightly "Yes, I see you've noticed Caspian's pain?"

"Is that why I hear you kicking and screaming at night?" She asked quietly. You're a monster! "Monsters have nightmares too you know.

Young God // Halsey

and your the queen.and we will stumble through heaven.i know you wanna go to heaven but your human tonight.