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A tombstone to die for. #cemetery #graveyard #pirate

This is all I could make out on the head stone. Elisabeth Wilken Died Feb 5 1747 Thomas Gray Died May 5 1752 Michael Swan and John Swan In 1754 And no other information was available.

https://flic.kr/p/5NgcQe | Oak Hill Cemetery #101 | A very cool, historic cemetery in Georgetown, Washington D.C., U.S.A.  www.oakhillcemeterydc.org/index.html  Something makes me love shooting in cemeteries on a winter day, with long shadows as the sun goes down.

Oak Hill Cemetery - historic cemetery in Georgetown, Washington D. These look like Hobbit holes.

17th-century New England, Puritan beliefs about "infant depravity" born with "original sin" generated anxieties about "eternal damnation". Puritan beliefs can be read on the gravestones often made out of dark grey slate. The standard three-lobed shape of early Puritan gravestones reflected the belief that to enter eternity the soul passed through arches +portals. The primary motifs included skulls winged death's heads, skeletons, hourglasses, bones, scythes, + coffins.

This is a puritan tombstone. This tombstone has a skull with wings to remind…

On the Île Sainte-Marie there remains 30 graves belonging to pirates who once lived there.

On the Île Sainte-Marie in Madagascar, there remains 30 graves belonging to pirates who once lived there.

pet cemetery  Wish I had taken more of these photos.

Can't say I am fond of pet cemeteries. Of course someone might think it strange of me keeping my dogs cremated remains in a beautiful wooden box on my nightstand next to my bed.