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Photo: signs as fairytale tropes  ~my screenshot // Sassy Scorpio //

Photo: signs as fairytale tropes ~my screenshot // Sassy Scorpio //

SAG = yep!

Queen/princess zodiac signs<<< Fuck no I ain't waiting around for some fuckin dude to save me- imma do it myself ok motherfuckers

I'm definitely Cancer, although in this instance I'm a lot like Aquarius too. That has more to do with me being pale as fuck, though.

The signs at the beach - And of course the day ends with Aries and Gemini being arrested for public intoxication and lewd conduct.

you guys should look and see if anyone famous follows me then screenshot it and dm me the picture. it would mean a lot to me

It's cause I'm awkward af, even through texting. // capricorns are not actually boring, at least those I know are amazingly good at texting.

Thank explains it -- but I really love both & just prefer to not sleep....

Read more about your Zodiac Sign~ I'm an Aries but always have (and probably always will) feel more like a "moon" person Taurus daylight