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Dylan O'Brien

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He's by far one of my favorite actors. He plays Thomas in The Maze Runner and he is Stiles on Teen Wolf.

obrien-news: “Dylan O’Brien as “Stiles Stilinski” on Teen Wolf.

Dylan O'Brien

my edits Stiles Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski twedit stiles:mine what are you doing to me?

Who can't love this face? A -lot- of people, apparently! #Wally

Dylan O'Briens aka Stiles from Teen Wolf and can't wait to see Mazerunner!

Dylan O'brien new photoshoot

Dylan O'Brien at the 'American Assassin' Press Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel on July 24 2017 in Beverly Hills California

Dylan O'Brien

“Dylan O’Brien : - American Assassin Press Conference (x) ”

Teen Wolf, Stiles, Fangirl, Le Monde

Dylan O'Brien, holy shit....I remember when you were Stiles...cute then hot now but still love ya nonetheless

PJO/HOO dreamcast- Percy Jackson, portrayed by Dylan O'Brien (with green/blue eyes instead)