The mind is its own place.. and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.. ~ John Milton, Paradise Lost

walk along the beach. listen to the music all around you. waves of sound, surrounding you. close your eyes. feel it. all the black keys. all the white.

Stairway to Heaven - one note at a time :)

A woman holding a violin approaching a piano key staircase to heaven.

Wonderful Piano Keyboard Wind Chimes

Piano Keyboard Wind Chimes---whoa, this is so cool! I am totally going to do this.

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Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled The music is the opening of Beethoven's Pathetique Piano Sonata, None

Not only do I love this- but it reminds me of America at the birthday celebration! @Aubree Blanchard @Mckenna Bland

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When ever I have a chance to cut class I go to the band room. A matter of fact, once I didn't realize I was suppose to go to class after an in school concert and just stayed at the band room but my teacher let it slip, lol

Gitarre Gemälde abstrakte Malerei große von heatherdaypaintings

Guitar Painting Abstract Painting Large Original Painting on Canvas Contemporary Wall Art Palette Knive Textured Blue Teal Guitar Painting Abstract Painting Large by heatherdaypaintings