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Sad truth.  Google "war profiteering".  Blood sucking leeches promoting pain and destruction.

"Its a rich man's war." he murmured, taking a swig from his flask and staring out at something I could never hope to see, "But it's the poor man's blood that's spilt.

who will protect the public when the police violate the law

Police are More Dangerous to the Public Than Criminals - Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?

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Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. It is structured on social injustice.


Banksy: I really like the graphic/stenciled look MLK's face has. I also like how it compares the past to now.

Fuck the police...

Grandma Always Was a Rebel. Fuck the Police Tattoo and Huge Savings at Walmart: I guess when you are looking for a bargain you are kind of a rebel already.

Question everything...including the people who told you to question everything.

Always Question Everything…

Funny pictures about Always Question Everything. Oh, and cool pics about Always Question Everything. Also, Always Question Everything.