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kingdom ♕

a-zebra-was-here: “ I can’t believe my life basically ended after the YOI finale. It was so beautiful and I shrieked when Victor came onto the ice with Yuri like holy heck. It was everything I had hoped it to be, I got so teary-eyed, I love this show.

22519141_1694185403958841_6206960937146397698_n.jpg (960×734)

22519141_1694185403958841_6206960937146397698_n.jpg (960×734)

capitulo 10

Yuri on ice episode i loves that they made it look like an actual camera roll and it's just like in the hangover movies

Yee :3

Mostly random stuff like pictures I take, my rants or even just a video I found. It's nothing that special. But, it serves as a sort of date diary to me. So I hope you all like it.

Katsuki Yuuri - Yuri!!! on Ice by GEAROUS/ギアon pixiv.<<this is gorgeous art work!

on Ice by GEAROUS/ギアon pixiv.<<this is gorgeous art work!

If my parents wear a shirt that says like that I'll wear a shirt that has a meme raising its hand up and below it says: I'm the asshole

randomsplashes: “when ur dads have no chill and embarrass u with matching ‘proud parents’ shirts in front of ur friend ” bonus: yurio strikes back (and otabek tries to help too lmao)


Actually it's the Nishigori triplets because without them uploading the video, Victor wouldn't have gone to Yuuri. < valid point but after they got together it really was phichit who kept on teasing and shipping them together