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Absolutely stunning texture coming through. I really want to explore 3D printed ceramics. Badly.

With his Functional Printed Ceramics Olivier van Herpt is looking to “bake in” the randomness, uniqueness into the process in order to every time get a truly unique piece.



Solid Vibrations - Printed sound vibration ceramic by Olivier van Herpt

Eric van Straaten Presents the Largest Full Color 3D Printed Sculpture in the World - See more at: http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/eric-van-straaten-presents-the-largest-full-color-3d-printed-sculpture-in-the-world#sthash.ShOBzbfi.dpuf

Eric van Straaten Presents the Largest Full Color Printed Sculpture in the World

Testing the DeltaWASP 20x40 ceramic 3D printer - YouTube

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