The "Yggdrasil" (or 'The Tree of Life' aka "The Terrible One's Horse" in Norse Mythology.

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DNA "tree of life" tree tattoo design. Like the idea, think it could be executed more effectively

Bonsai Tree Art / Minimalistic Art Tree of by BundakyabStudios, $95.00  I bought a copy of this drawing and it's just amazing.

Bonsai Tree artwork out of Asheville, Nc. The perfect gift idea as a poster or you can order it and then frame it.

dead trees (via http://fb.com/pinwoot)

Used the concept for one of my Pyrography projects (made it bigger and removed some elements I didn't like). dead trees by dwonk

Discover the meaning behind the Tree of Life – one of the world’s oldest  cultural icons and symbols of universal interconnectedness.

10 Things to Know About the Tree of Life