(OPEN) sat down and pulled out my ukulele and started to play "House of Gold" by Twenty One Pilots. I loved the band and it was the first song i learned to play on the ukulele. I would have to go to the pizza place in a few to start working but I would always sit down and play in the small music room that no one was in around this time that's why I liked it it was far form the regular crowd of people. I finished the song and put my ukulele up when I heard clapping behind me which makes me…

Teen Wolf - Preferencje

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Imagine #2 Isaac talking to Scott and Stiles whilst training for the next lacrosse game when he was cut off mid sentence when he spots you on the bleachers :O

Read 21 Isaac Lahey from the story ALPHA ▶️ TEEN WOLF GIFS by VoidSybil (Town siren😉) with reads. Isaac when Scott won't.