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I like this butterfly tattoo

tears of loneliness

The eyes are the windows of the soul. I wonder this is why we cry often, to keep the vision of our soul clean.


anchor tattoo Side Tattoo- i love anchors

"L'Heure Bleue" Tattoo by Dodie

Lace Shoulder tattoo and red flower.

so pretty not huge fan of the flowers but love the stars!

Back piece with lilies. I& want lilacs and to up onto my neck.

Great tattoo so perfect!!

I seriously love this idea----could be so pretty to incorporate this (something other than birds for me) woven throughout a half sleeve. Rainbow Colored Birds (Tattoo U)

Very pretty

this is a great idea for the snowflake tattoo I want to do!

"we all have a story to tell, whether we whisper, or yell" he is we

Quote Tattoos for Girls – Hot Pink Side Rib Quote Tattoos for Girls

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before having my ink, i planned of getting the very same dragonfly on…just cant imagine yet how'll it look like with one color, so i ended up having an unusual flower and a butterfly + hindu script. :-) but this one's still on my bucket list.

Afficher l'image d'origine

- She has another unique tattoo style on her index finger which says “Shhh…” The tattoo can tell people to shut up