This is amazing, I could do this once I become skilled enough to make decent art on SAI

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Knocking on heaven’s door by Jie Ma Reminds me of doctor who

TEMPLE LIBRARY at night during cherry blossom season. Image appears to be from the WIND DRAGON QUEST RPG [role-playing game). [Artist/Origin/Source Unknown]

Steampunk Library Light Switch Plate beautiful wall art living room bedroom elegant home decor gift made in the USA

the art of mary shu

JUICE JAM map environment art I had the gracious opportunity to set the style for a game, and I went a more graphic/shape-based route .

Awe Inspiring Look into the Future .... Not sure I'd want to live there, though.

The Art Of Animation, Feng Zhu / cyberpunk / futuristic steampunk / fantasy / sci fi / digital backgrounds

KazuoOga-07 ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン | çizgi film • Find…

Kazuo Oga concept art "If you get the chance-visit Studio Ghibli. These things are often pinned onto the studio walls!" KB (yes I knew it was studio Ghibli I read the description!

Tekkon Kinkreet, Taiyo Matsumoto

"Tekkon Kinkreet" directed by Michael Arias, Shinji Kimura (the art director) and staff, adapted from a manga series "Black and White" by Taiyō Matsumoto.

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1946

Ghost in the Shell / sci fi cityscape / future city / tall buildings / skyscrapers / city lights / fantasy