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David behind his father in the Yampa River in Colorado during a trip to Dinosaur National Monument -

1960. 10 Juillet. Frank Sinatra (right) sits next to Senator John F. Kennedy at a fund-raiser, on the eve of Kennedy’s selection as the Democratic Presidential nominee. Los Angeles. 7/10/60

rufustfirefly: “ Another Kennedy/Sinatra photo. Sometimes I forget I scan things and then find them in my external harddrive years later lulz ” STUNNING BROMANCE

John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy

youngfirstlady: “ Kennedy sat before the television screen, fiddling with a pencil, for more than an hour near noon on the morning after the election, waiting to hear if the Nixon camp would challenge.

robert f. kennedy.

Mixalis does the same thing! Senator Robert Kennedy Driving Car with Pet Springer Spaniel over His Lap and Son Max Beside Him by Bill Eppridge

Kennedy Jr, John F Kennedy, Jfk, Mr President, Joseph

Bobby Kennedy and Freckles run on the beach

jfk-and-jackie: “ Bobby and his beloved Springer Spaniel Freckles. Freckles campaigned with him in In his final speech after winning the California primary Kennedy thanked Freckles (even before.