Funny April Fools Day Pranks – 24 Pics

Best April Fool's Joke - Brown E's (at first, i didnt get it, but now i do.) (brown E's instead of brownies)

The 26 Most Brilliant April Fool’s Pranks Ever. Some Are Just Evil!

The 26 Most Brilliant April Fool’s Pranks Ever. Some Are Just Evil!

Here Are 26 Of The Best April Fools Pranks Ive Ever Seen. Some Are Just Evil!- the Febreze grenade

I need to do this soon                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Why sleep when you can meme?

Haha. so twisted but kind of hilarious at the same time

Next time you are in a hotel, leave your sheets like this when you check out by nick. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

pranks (THESE WOULDVE BEEN AWESOME WHEN I WAS 18!!!! So much pranks wasted ✌️™

Prank trifecta…

Posting this for the Airhorn and Seat prank, and the Party Popper taped to Toilet Seat

We did this at girls camp!! So funny

Funny pictures about Toilet troll. Oh, and cool pics about Toilet troll. Also, Toilet troll.

April Fool's Day - fun PRANKS - JOKES for the kids - silly ideas

I have to admit, this would be messed up to do to someone but it would be extremely funny seeing the persons expression on their face!

Coffee creamer prank

Great for an office break room April fools prank. =) this is the prefect prank for my mom because she is always drinking coffee ☕️


The 19 Stages Of Your Phone’s Battery Life this just made me laugh out loud! charga is spelled wrong. It should be charger