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Kefir will always remain our favorite probiotic food, but sauerkraut is currently in second place. Check out Alex Lewin's recipe for homemade sauerkraut.

Chicory Root has a long history of providing antioxidant support to liver problems. Today, it's even used as a caffeine free coffee substitute.

Health Benefits of Chicory Root

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Without the proper mead nutrient additions, meadmakers run the risk failed fermentations, under attenuation and off-flavors.

Improve Your Mead with Staggered Nutrient Additions - American Homebrewers Association

water kefir  - 4 cups / 1 litre / 1 quart water - 1/4 cup white/raw/brown sugar, sucanat, rapadura, jagari, palm sugar or maple syrup. Do NOT use honey  - honey is an anti-microbial that will kill unadapted water kefir. 1/4 cup of water kefir grains, 2 slices of organic lemon/lime,  1 or 2 ts molasses, OR ½ ts eggshell, ½ ts seasalt

water kefir brewing in a jar - great info at "Grow Youthful health at any age".

5 Ways to Use Kefir That You’ve Never Heard Of | www.homemademommy... #article #primal

Ranch dressing recipe and soaked kefir pancakes. Both sound promising! 5 Ways to Use Kefir.that you've never heard of.

Pickled Ginger (Sushi Ginger/Gari) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Pickled Ginger

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Fermenting cabbage with turmeric and black pepper: healthiest sauerkraut ever!

How to Make an Herbal Salve~ With healing herbs you can find in your yard! www.growforagecookferment.com

Herbal Salve

Once you start collecting medicinal herbs you'll want to do something with them. I show you how to make an herbal salve, the perfect way to…

Do you have a HEALTHY KOMBUCHA BREW? While brewing Kombucha is easy, it can be intimidating. These simple signs guide the way to Kombucha success.

kombucha -Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that is used as a functional food. Sometimes referred to as a "mushroom", the kombucha culture is actually a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, yes, I drank this as a child.