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Here it is, the fusion between Zebstrika and Rapidash by Me! I personally love the fire color. Well, hope you like it!


whitekitestrings: i thought about litwick breeding variations and decided i wanted to draw some. turns out, designing candles is hard. i did lampent instead. no pure bred for comparison, sorry.

Pokemon mashups

Lillavoir The Elegant Lily Pokemon, Gargous The Gorgeous Flower Pokemon, Florigant The Garden Maiden Pokemon, Garorliy Thank you Pekou , from Deviantart!

abgallery: I wasn’t going to get involved at first, but call it a failing, I can be coddling when it comes to Nidorina. I wanted to make sure there was a fair representation out there for our little chimeric friend. The many kinds of nidorina

F.U.S.E Corp Special: Infergaron by Dragonith

Infergaron (Aggron/Infernape/Garchomp) Fire/Dragon/Steel Classification: Infernal Despot FUSEmon Client: Special Ability: God Eater "Cuts the offen.E Corp Special: Infergaron

F.U.S.E. Corp Special: Regispiror by Dragonith on DeviantArt (Pokemon)

Regispiror (Registeel/Heatmor/Spiritomb) Steel/Fire/Ghost Classification: Propane Nightmares FUSEmon Client: Special Ability: Life Burn "Pokemon that ar.E Corp Special: Regispiror